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Consumers always look for features from The General applying for insurance quotes on auto, car, moto, term life or whole life policies. The General is a brand belonging to PGC and specializing in Auto Insurance. Although there are other side products, such as Term Life Insurance, it is Auto Insurance the company is famous for as it provides solutions to ‘high-risk’ drivers who either cannot get insured at all or are offered very high rates.

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The General offers only two products: Auto Insurance and Term Life Insurance, with the former being the primary field.

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The special feature of this company is its specialization in providing non-standard drivers with Auto Insurance policies they would otherwise be unable to get. The term ‘non-standard drivers’ or ‘high risk drivers’ applies to a variety of people who have revoked or suspended licenses, those older than 70 or younger than 20 years old, and those who have a record of violations and accidents. Try to apply for Allstate quote from such top insurers who has strong financial strength.

  • Drivers who have their license revoked or suspended need an SR-22 policy, and getting it may be quite a challenge. The General provides an opportunity to get it while avoiding piles of documents and waiting for a call all days long.
  • Unlike other agencies, The General is dedicated to serving clients who do not belong to the category of ‘safe drivers’, e.g. those who are either older than 70 y.o. or younger than 20 y.o. As the company states, they believe seniors deserve having an affordable policy as experienced drivers.
  • If you have a driving record which is not perfect and has seen violations and accidents, it may be difficult to be insured (especially at an affordable price) and have the right to drive again. The General offers a special program for such drivers and is even ready to provide discounts for those who keep their record clean.
  • Another challenging situation is getting back on the road if you have a record of DWI/DUI conviction. In this case, an SR-22 policy is also required. This is the ‘favorite’ kind of customers for The General as their aim is to offer affordable solutions to those who made a mistake, but want to avoid it in the future.
  • The help offered by The General is legal – while they make the process of obtaining the right documentation faster and more convenient, they stick to legal practices only.
  • The company provides drivers considered to be ‘bad’ an opportunity to get an insurance policy without going to their office: getting a quote, signing up, paying premiums, and even printing out the document proving you have a driving license is available right at your home.
  • Besides the driver categories described above, The General works with people who have never had prior insurance nor have a lapse in coverage.

Auto Insurance advertised by The General implies four aspects: uninsured motorist, medical expense, liability, and comprehensive/collision coverage.

The first one, uninsured motorist coverage, helps you recover damages in case of an accident in which an uninsured motorist is at fault. Despite the law making Auto Insurance mandatory, there are people who do not buy policies, and if you happen to encounter such a person and an accident happens due to his or her mistake, you will not be able to get compensated. To avoid such situations, you can opt for The General policy which implies uninsured motorist coverage.

The second one, medical expense coverage, helps you get resources for medical treatment in case you, your family members or other people occupying the car at the time of the accident get hurt. You can choose the limit to be paid out when you sign up to get coverage.

The third one, liability coverage, enables you to handle claims resulting from any car usage, provided you have a permission to drive it. In case of injury or property damage, you will be protected, and the company will deal with the claims.

The fourth one is comprehensive/collision coverage that enables you to get payment for the damage done to the insured vehicle regardless of who is to blame. The difference between collision and comprehensive coverage is in the source of damage: in case of the former, only collisions are taken into account (say, when parking or driving), and the latter implies any damages which can be incurred due to natural disasters or other emergencies. You can also opt for a Term Life Policy, which is offered to those who have bought a house or a car, those getting married or waiting to have a baby.

Covered States

The company headquarters can be found in Nashville (Tennessee), but its network of agents can offer you their products in 47 states, including Kentucky, Louisiana, Alaska, Iowa, Arizona, and many others. The full list of states is available on the page of The General website stating info about Auto Insurance by State. The only exceptions are Hawaii, Massachusetts, and New Jersey – these are the states where Auto Insurance provided by The General is not available.