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Among all insurance companies operating in the USA, Allstate is definitely worth considering and even deserving a record in a book of the most influential insurance companies of the West (if there was such a book). Allstate Insurance is a large company offering a wide range of services and products related to making its clients feel secure and safe. With only State Farm being superior to it, Allstate is an insurer that can help you cover nearly all aspects of your life, from Flood Protection to Life Insurance.

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The company history dates back to the 1920s, when Sears, an American network of department stores, held a contest to find an appropriate name for their car tires to use it as a trademark. Having looked through thousands of pages with names written on them, the Sears managers decided to call the new product Allstate Insurance. That was when the seed of the company which was to become an insurance giant was planted.

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The company history proper, as one may call it, started in 1931, when General Robert E. Wood, the Sears chairman, founded Allstate. At that time, the business focused on auto insurance only, with offering insurance by direct mail being their primary means of selling their products. In 1934, the first sales office was opened; it was located in Chicago.

During the challenging World War II years, Allstate Insurance introduced a program to train women waiting for their men to return home to work as Allstate agents. With the dawn of the 50s, the famous Allstate slogan saying ‘You’re in good hands’ was born.

The innovative approach adopted by the company management was manifested in all its aspects. In 1952, the first drive-in claims office was opened: such a way of processing and handling claims was a revolution at that time. It took a couple of years more to expand their business: by 1954, the company was able to offer fire insurance, with life insurance and homeowner insurance following it in 1957. The 50s also brought the company closer to those living outside the U.S.: the Canadian Allstate department was established in 1953.

Cooperation with the government is another feature of the company legacy: Allstate contributed to the development of driving safety legislation and was the proponent of mandatory seatbelts and other things such as airbags.

Besides quality services, the company is known for its charity and ad programs. When Hurricane Andrew (1996) devastated a part of the country, a special team was formed to help those in need. Hurricane Katrina, which struck the country in 2005, Allstate donated more than $6 million to handle the issues resulted from the catastrophe.

Range of Insurance Services

1. Car Insurance. With auto Insurance being their first-to-be-introduced and primary field, Allstate Insurance is proud to offer you flexible plans that are custom-shaped to make them meet all your requirements and cover as many aspects as possible. Among the coverage types offered are the following: collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, liability coverage, medical payments coverage, sound system insurance, towing&labor insurance, personal injury protection, personal umbrella policy, property protection, motorist coverage (both uninsured and underinsured), and rental reimbursement coverage. Besides, there’s a special option for owners of classic cars.

2. Home Insurance. Besides common Home Insurance, this section includes renters, condo, landlord, and mobile home insurance. There are plenty of discounts; so, many users fit a particular discount type. For instance, there’s a 10% welcome discount, a 10% discount provided if you’re about to buy a new home, and more. The multi-policy discount is especially efficient in terms of saving money as it can help you pay up to 30% less.

3. Motorcycle Insurance. Since motorcycles are prone to damage (they are less sturdy than common vehicles, are easier to steal and get damaged when stored in winter, etc.), Motorcycle Insurance is an option for those who want to have possible expenses related to such cases covered.

4. Business Insurance. A thoroughly developed field of the Allstate services, Business Insurance products offered are flexible, custom, versatile and convenient: whatever the industry your business belongs to, Allstate has it covered and provides appropriate plans available for further customization.

5. Life Insurance. With the variety of options available, you can opt for different kinds of insurances such as term life (the policy length can make up 10-30 years), permanent life, universal life, whole life insurance and other types for you to consider.

6. Other services and products include roadside, Drivewise, boat, motorhome, snowmobile, ATV, pet, and event insurances, and other programs and products designed to facilitate the process of handling your expenses and managing issues that result from unexpected events.