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Getting quotes from Farmers Insurance allows to get various benefits on auto, home, renters, life or business insurance. It helps customers to save on policies and plan unexpected events. Farmers provides wide range of services and plans: Auto, Home, Rental and Renters, Business, Life, Motorcycle, Recreational, and Umbrella. It proves that the company cares for every segment of the insured person’s life.

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In 1928, there were two men who dreamt of providing qualitative and affordable insurance products, but their dream seemed unrealizable – the greatest economic depression the country faced and such a young business. Still, they made it by moving from a tiny one-room office to large offices in LA.

In the 1930s, Farmers Group was one of those companies who were able to pay cash. Its managers and agents supported the National Recovery Act. After a big earthquake in LA, the company paid everyone for the damages made by it: cars, houses, etc. So, it became the first company to offer the Auto Insurance.

In the 1940s, being great supporters of mankind, Farmers employees served in a home country and abroad during WW II. The 1950s were a successful decade for the company since it was the first to make use of IBM 705 computers, to appear in national magazines and on TV. The 1960s opened new opportunities – it became the major company to offer a convenient and affordable monthly plan. They started drive-in claims by offering a comfortable way of getting a policy.

In the 1970s, the company was the first to offer special discounts for non-smoking people. The 1980s proved that this discount was a great idea by attracting the attention of the British American Tobacco Company, which bought 100% of the company’s group. The 1990s were difficult years because of earthquakes and tornadoes, but Farmers Insurance Group helped people.

2000s showed that the Farmers company became the major one in catastrophe response. It opened the University of Farmers by providing agents with the best education.

Farmers Insurance Products

  • Auto Insurance. It renders quality coverage, personalized service, and convenience. By choosing it, you get control over your plan, guidance, smart savings, and options which really fit you.
  • Home Insurance. With it, you receive more than just coverage: you may reduce premiums, get profitable discounts, choose among a wide range of home types, and have all necessary options.
  • Renters Insurance. It covers as your personal property, so you and even renting expenses. Besides, it’s more than just affordable – its price is moderate like buying Cola and popcorn every month! It will also cover those situations when your visitor or guest brings a claim on you. It’s a smart choice for sure!
  • Rental Properties. It will help to protect your investment and prevent you from having financial difficulties. This policy guarantees the following options and coverage types: liability coverage, medical payments, comprehensive coverage of property, peril coverage (like fire, lightning, etc.).
  • Life Insurance. It covers not only you, but your future – education of your children, the way you are going to pay mortgage or achieve any other life goals. This insurance is understanding since it’s interested in protecting you and your family, in providing the plan you need (Universal, Term, Whole Life), and getting the assistance you need.
  • Business Insurance. It will assist in researching the best option for your business type: coverage, liability, life, auto, crime – it’s ready to cover almost any situation which may occur to your business so that you could feel confident in its future development.
  • Motorcycle Policy. It includes specialized options like roadside help, coverage of trip interruption, equipment coverage, and many others. A great range of motorcycles are under protection of the company: classic, touring, trike conversions, custom, etc. Besides, there are a lot of profitable discounts available!
  • Recreational Policy. It can boast of flexible and extensive coverage options, the company insures motor homes, boats, trailers for traveling, watercrafts for personal needs, and off-road vehicles like gold carts or snowmobiles. Save money with multi-line discounts getting assistance of knowledgeable agents!
  • Umbrella Insurance. If you want to find the plan over and beyond the limits of the chosen insurance policies, that is what you actually need. This plan will protect your assets and guarantee future earnings.

The insurance products presented above cover all possible situations and cases which may happen in a life of any insured person. Choose the most appropriate coverage from Farmers or other insurers like Geico and get a quote for your particular case!