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At the beginning of its foundation on March 7, 1942, Western Mutual Insurance Group (WMI) posessed itself as a fire assurance organization named Coast Mutual Fire Ins Company. Today it is a group, which consists of three firms: Western Mutual itself, Residence Mutual Company and Arizona Home Insurance Company.

Western Mutual organization provides products and services connected with asset and casualty protection. Among them are: flood, earthquake protection, dwelling fire, condominium, homeowners insurance. Company headquarters in Irvine, CA. Main offices of the Western Mutual company are in Colorado, New Mexico, California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Utah.

Auto Insurance Quote

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Any auto owner tries to take care of his car, because of the fact it is one of the major investments people have. If it is an accident, you want to be sure, that you and members of your family will be under reliable protection. So, we offer you affordable deals by low cost prices. Try us, compare our quotes with Western Mutual, Safeway, Nationwide, Amax, Farmers or Military that offers some acceptable variants of auto or home assurance. Various conditions of auto service, repair are available for the firm's customers at a fair price.

You are always have an opportunity to compare rates, get needed information about discounts, ways of reducing premiums. To see how much money you can preserve and take a direct quote, fill in special form on the company's website. Enter your ZIP code, type, number of an auto you have. Put your email address in order to receive an answer. If you want to discover an auto insurance agent you like, use Agent Finder program. Choose name of a state from the list suggested on the website.

Preffered Homeowners Insurance

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As we offer huge set of products in the sphere of homeowners protection, we understand all the importance of having such coverage for every person. Special suggestions and good service at an affordable quote, give you and members of your family a piece of mind and an opportunity to save money.

For those customers, who trust the organization, stay its instant client, there is some additional options. All of them are available for every policyholder with the help of us or any other insurer like State Farm, Allstate, Shelter or Western Mutual's Preffered Homeowners Insurance. This plan gives you some quality reaches at a equitable cost. For example, more than 70 years Western Mutual provides special conditions exclusively for preffered householders.

In order to get your direct premium with this company, just enter your property street address (without putting city name and state), write ZIP code, e-mail address. It is also comfortable for every habituer contact Western Mutual's Customer service center for getting more information about your assurance policy. It is possible for you to compare the rates of Western Mutual Group and other firms offered property protection.

Your policy is able to cover such reaches as: vandalism, water damage, fire loss, theft actions, windstorm, explosions or hail. In case your house is considered as unhabitable, you will get some Additional Living Expenses to live somewhere, while your home is under repair. Convinient payment options are specially created for customers. There are no fees to pay and you can use your credit or even debit card to make your reimbursement process easier.

Auto Insurance Coverage

Western Mutual auto and homeowners insurance quote

Assurance policy offered by Western Mutual generally covers not only cases when somebody injured your car, but also supports you in situations, when you are causer of a crash. Any time you like and depending on the event, it is easy for you to report a claim. Claims service operates 24/7, always ready to provide any client with the info required.

Convinient payment ways make this process easier and quicker for you. Use online resources to manage your policy, check your bill or see data of your last actions.

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