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Liberty Mutual provides comprehensive insurance services - from auto, home and property policies to business solutions, covering nearly all aspects of human lives. LM is here to prove that insurance is a kind of art which can be mastered. A leading US insurance company, Liberty Mutual can offer you custom plans on auto, life and home property coverage that take into account the current situation in which a policyholder-to-be finds himself, thus helping clients find the most optimal solution.

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In 1911, an important event in the lives of Massachusetts workers happened when the law requiring employers to provide employees with insurance coverage was passed. It was followed by the appearance of MEIA, the Massachusetts Employees Insurance Association, which was established in 1912. Born as a mutual company, MEIA turned into a major insurer that still sticks to the same principle of mutuality. The year of 1914 saw the first branch office open in Springfield. The same year was important for the company as it was the time the first LM auto policy had been sold.

The company’s current name was adopted in 1917, and it was the year when the Automobile Insurance policies became complete due to the cooperation established with UMFIC, which was renamed LM Fire Insurance. Since 1919, the company has launched a number of advertising campaigns that contributed to the company popularity.

By 1937, the company had expanded its business to forty-eight states. Its operation was marked by charity events and projects aimed at helping others, such as opening a rehabilitation center in Boston in 1943. Cooperation with engineering and other companies helped contribute to the introduction of safety devices for driving, such as seatbelts and other features that later became obligatory.

In the mid-1960s, LM already offered a wide range of life policies both for individuals and groups. Over the years of operation, the company bought a number of smaller companies to make their products better, and services, more convenient to use.

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Liberty Mutual Products

The variety of products offered is definitely impressive because even listing all of them is enough to prove that the insurance services provided by the company are as comprehensive as possible.

  • Auto and Vehicle Insurance. This section includes car, watercraft, motorcycle, boat, classic car, recreational vehicle insurance policies and other options for covering different kinds of vehicles regardless of whether they use ground or water. These products are also provided by other companies such as Allstate or Farmers group.
  • Property Insurance. Among the plans offered are homeowners, condo, landlord, renters, mobile Home Insurance, and other kinds of policies. Just like in the case of vehicle insurance, Umbrella Products are available.
  • Life Insurance. Both Term and Permanent Life Insurance options are available: you can choose between different solutions designed to fit your situation. Besides, Liberty mutual sells Annuities which can help you get a substitute for your salary and turn your money into investments and then into income.
  • Critical Illness. Critical Illnesses almost always imply significant financial challenges, and even if you are covered by a healthcare policy, there are expenses which are supposed to be out-of-pocket. With the Liberty Mutual Critical Illness Policy, you can get extra resources for any financial needs that may arise: from childcare to groceries, you get additional support that most people need when fighting a disease or recovering.
  • Identity Theft. Identity Fraud Expense Coverage can help you overcome the issue of Identity Theft. Using your credit card poses a threat to your money as information about you can be used against you: stealing money or buying something on behalf of you without your knowing it has become widely spread, and restoring your credit card and proving that you are not to blame takes time and resources. LM offers a special plan to cover such situations.
  • Pet Insurance. Pet treatment can be very expensive; LM Pet Coverage Policies are designed to help you get money to be spent on pet treatment in case of accidents, injuries, minor issues (upset stomach, etc.), serious issues (like cancer), etc. Besides, you can arrange preventative care for your pet to get the best options and policy conditions.
  • Tuition Insurance. You can have your standard school refund schedule enhanced with an LM Tuition Insurance Policy. Should you need resources for treatment in case of illnesses, accidents or other issues covered, you will get money for it and get insurance protection available throughout the academic year. Tuition, fees, board, etc. will be reimbursed if you need to withdraw money before the end of the semester.
  • Other products, such as small business, flood insurance, etc.
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