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General Reinsurance (Re) Corporation is the largest firm in sphere of asset and life reinsurance. It suggests a lot of needful products and has a suoerior (A++) rating. Nowadays it operates in more than 40 offices worldwide. General Reinsurance Company is a branch of the Berkshire Hathaway Inc.

General department itself was founded in March, 1921. But in 1994 General Reinsurance Corporation connected with agency named Cologne Re formed in 1846. Both these firms started to work in 2003 under a new brand called Gen Re. Nowadays corporation continues to use its market name Gen Re. Here you may try our quotes on auto, life or home insurance, basing on your area zip code, compare rates with such companies like General Reinsurance, Acuity, Federated Mutual or Esurance, etc.

Auto Reinsurance

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For every company that works in the area of protection, main object is their clients. As people like comfort and safety, Gen Re as other reinsurance companies as well as State Farm, American Family or The General offers a lot of tools and products to make every customer feeling himself under a good assurance. As automobile is a person's belonging, it is obviously to take care about it. That's why Gen Re gives to you a range of options for your commercial purposes.

Home Reinsurance Quotes

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Besides auto protection, the Gen Re provides some reliable quotes for homeowners. Different kinds of property require various coverages. Thinking about customers' needs Gen Re offers some reaches such as: machinery breakdown, builder's perils, comprehension for farm owners and homeowners, coverages in situaion of flood, hail, wind or earthquake. There are also protection for commercial asset and ocean marine. Several options are available for clieents. Among them are: agreement for belongings catastrophe, terrorism treaty, quota share contract, excess of damage casual.

To stay flowing nowadays is very important to get the right information. The General Reinsurance agency sugessts attending network teams, which answer your questions about: power generation, natural dangers (like earthquake, storm, flood), chemical risks, natural resources. More and more people trust department's support and value their service. Especially good for the customers quick claims process. Agents operate for you 24/7 and ready to give all information needed. Use feedback function or share with your opinion with company's staff.

Auto Insurance Policies

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Corporation's policy generally includes such coverages as: transportation responsibility, car or motor liability, accidents, vehicle physical loss, motor own damage (MOD). There are some useful solutions required by the reinsurance company. Some of them like Quota Share Agreement or Basket Covers option allow every department's representative to get good discounts for his insurance policy. Also there are such comprehension decisions as: peril excess of loss contract, extra casualty limits and others.

If you are intersted in making your own business and think about getting success in this area, use some special tools suggester by the Gen Re for your commercial needs. These items will give you the quality of personal risks and also manage all emergency perils for you. Programs and policies that reinsurance company provides, are unique and quite useful for those who decided to start business career. The Gen Re makes a specific analysis of your firm's activity and suggests to you different advantages: market share analysis, the impact of delicts on somebody's book, risk collectings.

Claims procedure in the Gen Re is rather professional and quick. In case of an accident be ready to report a demand and wait for the agency's decision. Keeping their promises, that is corporation's gospel. To get more information about what you are interested in, contact with firm's agents. Find data about them on the official website of the General Reinsurance Department.

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