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Today the Commerce Insurance Group is well known as the Commerce Ins Company (CIC). For their customers it offers a lot of needful products with the individual insurance, business asset insurance and casualty protection. All these kinds of assurance are suggested in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. And organization's service is sent for purposes of clients in independent and commercial car assurance, homeowners protection.

The Commerce Insurance Company started its existence in 1972. It was founded in town of Webster, is still located there. The protection department in June 2008 was obtained by MAPFRE S. A., which is the largest assurance firm in Latin America for today. More than 50,000 personal agents of company operate in 43 countries all around the world.

Personal and Commercial Auto Insurance

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It goes without saying, that having an automobile today is connected with some difficulties. Whatever kind of car property you have, individual or an auto for your business, it is needed in a good service, regular checkup, repair. For customers' comfort were formed some coverage programs with quite convinient handling and at affordable rates. Offering different discounts, the MAPFRE Company attracts auto owners more and more. Any time you like it is easy for you to get a free quote and compare prices rest firms propose. Just write down your personal information (name, address, date of your birth) and enter your ZIP code filling in a special form on the corporation's website.

In case you will assure your home together with an auto, it is a good chance to save about 35% on your premiums. Besides these benefits there are some additional options for good drivers. Among them are: credit for a defensive driving, discount for a good student, in case you are a loyal client; quotes for those who paid in full and has a multy-policy. As for vehicle assurance project created by the Commerce Ins Company, any auto policy consists of 12 parts. Four of them are based on state's law, connected with the Compulsory Insurance plan. The rest of them are belong to Optional Insurance. Any state's law has no force in this situation. CIC's protection policy provides following list of support: situation when you've crashed someone's asset; personal fault; bodily trauma caused by an unassured car; bodily injuty to someone else. All these options are required by the MAPFRE. Use a commercial automobile policy, when you need comprehension for your car responsibility, medical expense or physical damage. Some extra options of assurance are also available.

Homeowners Insurance Quotes

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Not only for auto owners good service and insurance are offered by the Commerce Insurance Company. Homeowners can also depend on different benefits choosing this organization for their asset's protection. To make a comparison of rates and get a quote, enter your ZIP code and give all information about yourself that is important (name, address).

A Green Discount is a very useful option that Commerce requires. When you participate in organization's Electronic Funds Transfer scheme (EFT) or bill without paper (e-Bill program), you have an opportunity to take an advantage of 3%. List of buildings for includes homes, condominiums, rental houses. There are as city-states for protecting personal belongings and commercial ones.

Commerce Insurance Policy

Commerce auto and homeowners insurance quotes

With the help of a Commercial Multi-Peril Policy (CMP) it is easy to provide reliable protection for your belongings. It covers damages for real asset, business independent property, crash of income. Some risks generally can include vandalism, water leak, fire, theft actions, equipment disruption. A CMP is compliant. It has limits, that can be made-to-order to personal needs of a customer. Additional advantages, quotes are also can be added. The Commerce can give to you an extra support with your asset repair and some benefits for replacement price. It gives premiums that are enough for rebuilting or renovation of a house at today's rate.

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