Cost of Car Insurance

Each insurance company has huge amount of rates in different states, depending on their marketing system, your vehicle and geographical area. Typically there is a dependency between rates of auto insurance and vehicle cost. If you have a new car, it means you will get hich-cost policy. Basic premium is assigned and taken to each price group in calculation of policy cost. Each company turns attention on details like crash-worthiness, safety features, vehicle age, popularity with thieves of your local area, cost to repair auto. Easy way to get cost of policy - car insurance zip code comparison, where you can also check average rates by states.

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Car Insurance Cost By Zip Code

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Average Auto Insurance Cost

The average cost of car insurance is calculated by estimating and including of all coverage types (comprehensive, liability and collision). Taking into count all states, the average cost is about $1,500-1,700 a year. The highest rates are in Louisiana, Michigan and Georgia - $2,699, $2,520 and $2,155 accordingly. Totally low cost insurance quotes are in Maine, Iowa and North Carolina - $934, $1,028 and $1,085 accordingly. The price for your state could be provided by zip code, just enter your 5-digit local ZIP code and go to the next step.

Only Michigan state guarantees unlimited personal injury compensation payments to injured people which involved into car accidents. Usually companies pay up to $500,000,  plus compensation for lost wages for up to three years. It means that companies pay higher payouts and take more for insurance policy. Anyway, companies usually provide affordable offers for each consumer which allow to get cheap auto insurance coverage withing 24 hours online.