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Compare benefits& quotes provided by Auto Owners, comprehensive insurance provider, as its name suggests, is a company specializing in auto insurance while providing a variety of other policies which can cover nearly all aspects of your life: from boats to condo and annuities.

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  • Homeowners. You can insure any structures you own, be it a detached or attached one (e.g. garages, pole barns, etc.). Medical payments and various liability types are also included in the coverage. Your belongings are also considered to be part of the possessions insured under a homeowner’s policy.
  • Condo. Getting a Condo Insurance policy means insuring your belongings, liabilities, living expenses, and valuables since the building itself is usually covered by a master policy. If you have structures for which you hold responsibility, you can add them to the list of things insured.
  • Renters. Although renters do not own the apartment they live in, it does not mean their belongings cannot get damaged, stolen, and so on. Your personal property is not covered by the policy obtained by the landlord. Personal liability and medical coverage are also part and parcel of a Renters’ Insurance policy.
  • Rental Dwelling. Unlike Renters’ Insurance, Rental Dwelling Insurance is designed to enable landlords to get his/her property investment covered. There are many options as to how you can get reimbursement for a dwelling if it gets uninhabitable or destroyed. For instance, there is a special program for houses which were built before 1940. Loss of rents is also implied.
  • Mobile Home. Attached/detached structures, the mobile home itself, property, liability, med payments, living expenses – this policy covers nearly all aspects of being an owner of a mobile home which may need special insurance.
  • Umbrella. The kind of a policy in question can help you extend the limits of your common home&auto policies by expanding the liability coverage and helping you handle lawsuits that exceed the capabilities of standard policies.
  • Property & Valuables. When insuring the items you own and special valuables, you can choose between two options: it’s either actual cash value (minus depreciation) or agreed value.
  • Farm. Among the coverage options are structure, equipment, limited pollution, seasonal fluctuations, water backup, liability, home replacement insurance, and other features which can help you get reimbursement for loss of property related to farming. There’s also a special Farm Plus plan which implies extended coverage such as tree debris removal, glass damage, etc. Note that this policy is available only in several states.
  • Pet. Pet coverage includes hospitalization, health exams, surgery, cancer treatment, hip dysplasia, hereditary/congenital conditions, MRI, X-ray and CT scan, prescriptions, and veterinarian specialists. Obtaining a policy of this kind through an independent agent representing Auto-Owners grants you a 5% discount.
  • Flood. Even if you live in an area with no rivers or lakes, it does not mean it cannot be flooded: about a quarter of food claims received by the company come from the regions considered to be ‘low-risk’ ones. Debris removal, insured building (plus its foundation), electrical/plumbing systems, carpeting, paneling, bookcases, and many other things get covered by this policy.
  • Auto. Be it a rental car, a brand new one or a broken car with a flat tire, Auto-Owners, as well as The General or Progressive can help. It’s what they started with, and nowadays the range of auto insurance options they provide is quite extensive: standard collision/comprehensive programs, liabilities, uninsured/underinsured motorists, med payments, road troubles (malfunctions, flat tires, dead batteries, and so on), diminished value, and additional features such as identity theft coverage, cell phone replacement, and much more.
  • Motorcycle. This policy implies the same coverage seen in Auto Insurance, with the addition of riding apparel insurance.
  • Boat. Watercraft liability, towing, boat recovery, agreed value loss reimbursement, boat equipment insurance and other things are included in the policy, as well as passenger property coverage.
  • Life Insurance. Auto-Owners offers a variety of Life Insurance policies, including term life, whole life, universal life insurance, etc. Besides providing US citizens with an opportunity to get resources for the policyholder’s beneficiary when he/she passes away, the insurer also offers retirement planning solutions.

Among other services available are ATV & Off-Road Vehicle, Motorhome & RV, Trailer, Term Life, Universal Life, Whole Life, Annuities, Long Term Care, Disability Income, Business Insurance, Commercial Auto, Workers Compensation, Bonds, Loss Control, and Commercial Umbrella.

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